Lure Lore

Lure Lore by My Bait Shop

Lure Lore was first created by Tom Jacomet in 1997 and has become part of My Bait Shop in 2020.  We are proud to be continuing the tradition here at My Bait Shop.  Below you will find all of the original Lure Lore Back Issues as they appeared on from 1997-2020 with updates as applicable as well as new issues as we put them out.  There is some great information on these pages so be sure to check them out and come back for new issues and updates.  Also be sure to check out our History and Fishing History sections!








Abu Hi-Lo Fishing Lure

AR-BE Reel Brake (Koser Mfg)

Automatic Striker (C.A. Johnson)


Bass Thief (Steelstamp Corporation)

Bear Creek Tweedler

Bing's Weedless Nemahbin Minnow (A.F. Bingenheimer)

Bubbler (Bleeder Bait Company)

Bumble Bug (Gowen Manufacturing)


C.C. Roberts Mud Puppy

Catch All Inc. updated!

Chubby Lucky Tail Wobbler (Wynne Precision Company)

Cool Ripple Frog (Cool Ripple Lures)

Crazy Legs Lure (Muller-Perry Co.)

Creek Chub #5000 - Close Pin

Cyclone Spinner (Puls & Wencka Bait Company)


Double Header (Tropical Bait Company)




Gurgling Joe Large Mouth Chub (North American Production Co.)


Heddon:  Artistic Minnow Series No. 50

Heddon:  Big Hedd No. 9330

Heddon:  Catalogs and Covers (1902 - Present)

Heddon:  Craw Shrimp No. 375 new!

Heddon:  Crazy Crawler - Zinc Eye

Heddon:  Darting Zara No.'s 6550, 6600

Heddon:  Dummy Double No. 1500 updated!

Heddon:  Firetail Sonic

Heddon:  Glow Worm River Runt Spook

Heddon:  Go-Deeper / Deep Dive River Runt Spook

Heddon:  Hi-Tail (Topkick)

Heddon:  Pal Spook Rods

Heddon:  Prowler  new!

Heddon:  Scissortail No. 9830

Heddon:  Tadpolly Spook No. 9000

Heddon:  Tadpolly Spook Color Chart (World's Largest!)

Heddon:  Understanding the Number System

Helin Tackle Company:  Fishcake

Hinkle Lizard  new!

Hi-Yo Activated Lure (Activated Lure Company)




Kent Frog (Pflueger)


L & S Bait Company:  Bass Master

L & S Bait Company:  L & S Roots / The Walter Heinze Story

LeBoeuf Creeper


Miller's Reversible Minnow (Union Springs Specialty/Combo Engineering) new! & updated!

Muk-Cha-Ko Frog (Hub Bait Co.)

Musky Sucker (Madison Musky Sucker Bait Mfg Co.)


Nifty Minne (Nifty Minnie) (Ness Company)


Outing:  Bassy Getum updated!


P & S Ball Bearing Bait Company

Paul Bunyan Bait Company:  Transparent Dodger  new!

Pflueger:  All-In-One Minnow

Pflueger:  Kent Frog

Pflueger:  Zam Weedless Spinner




Shmoo Bait (Horrock-Ibbotson)

South Bend:  Min-Oreno (#926-928)




Vaughn's Lure


Waukazoo Surface Spinner (Shakespeare)

Wigglefrog (Frank Steel)

Witch Fire Lures (Winnebago Outdoor Supply Company)

Worth Flutter Fin




Zink Screwtail (Zink Artificial Bait Company) new!


20 Vintage Creek Chub Lures Worth A Fortune new!

20 Vintage Heddon Fishing Lures Worth A Fortune

25 Vintage Fishing Lures Worth A Fortune




Volume 17

No. 1:  Miller's Reversible Minnow


Volume 16

No. 1:  Hinkle Lizard


Volume 15

No. 1:  Tom Bait Co. Gizmo

No. 2:  Heddon Devil Diver


Volume 14

No. 1:  Bug N Bass


Volume 13

No. 1:

No. 2:

No. 3:  Heddon Big Chug


Volume 12

No. 1:  Heddon Preyfish

No. 2:  Transparent Lure


Volume 11

No. 1:  Heddon Tiger Lure Part 1

No. 2:  Heddon Tiger Lure Part 2


Volume 10


Volume 9 (Originally Published in 2004 / Updated in 2021 and as relevant)

No. 1

No. 2:  Pflueger Zam Weedless Spinner

No. 3:  Bleeding Baits


Volume 8 (Originally Published in 2003 / Updated in 2021 and as relevant)

No. 1:  Heddon:  Scissortail

No. 2:  Heddon Timber Rattler


Volume 7 (Originally Published in 2002 / Updated in 2021 and as relevant)

No. 1:  Odds & Ends #1

No. 2:  Heddon Natural Colors

No. 3:  L & S Roots, The Walter Heinze Story


Volume 6 (Originally Published in 2001 / Updated in 2021 and as relevant)

No. 1:  Bass Thief

No. 2:  Heddon:  Understanding the Number System

No. 3:  Bumble Bug

No. 4:  Ozark Oreno

No. 5:  Madison Musky Sucker 


Volume 5 (Originally Published in 2000 / Updated in 2021 and as relevant)

No. 1:  Witch Fire Lures

No. 2:  Heddon Slick Trick Spoon

No. 3:  Heddon Prowler

No. 4:  L & S Shiner Minnow

No. 5:  Hi-Yo Activated Lure

No. 6:  Heddon Crab Spook


Volume 4 (Originally Published in 1999 / Updated in 2021 and as relevant)

No. 1:  Gurgling Joe

No. 2:  Bubbler Bait

No. 3:  Rolling Plug

No. 4:  Flutter Fin

No. 5:  Helin Fishcake

No. 6:  Heddon Go Deeper River Runt Spook

No. 7:  Heddon:  Pal Spook Rods

No. 8:  Flipper Fish

No. 9:  Gen Shaw Bait

No. 10:  Rhinehart Tackle Baits

No. 11:  Roller Flasher


Volume 3 (Originally Published in 1998 / Updated in 2021 and as relevant)

No. 1:  Crazy Legs Lure

No. 2:  Johnson Automatic Striker

No. 3:  Duester's Gopher

No. 4:  Bing's Weedless Minnow

No. 5:  Heddon:  Hi-Tail

No. 6:  Heddon:  Firetail Sonic

No. 7:  Spinno Minno Part II

No. 8:  Gen-Shaw Bait

No. 9:  Cool Ripple Frog

No. 10:  Jumping Jo

No. 11:  Pflueger All-In-One

No. 12:  Heddon:  Tiny Spook

No. 13:  Paul Bunyan Electro Lure

No. 14:  Vibra Bat 

No. 15:  Abu Hi-Lo

No. 16:  AR-BE Reel Brake

No. 17:  Heddon Silver Salmon River Runt

No. 18:  Heddon:  Big Hedd


Volume 2 (Originally Published in 1997 / Updated in 2020/21 and as relevant)

No. 1:  P & S Ball Bearing Bait Company

No. 2:  Double Header

No. 3:  Heddon:  Dummy Double

No. 4:  Wiggle Frog

No. 5:  Cyclone Spinner

No. 6:  Chubby Lucky Tail Wobbler

No. 7:  Creek Chub:  Close Pin

No. 8:  Nifty Minnie

No. 9:  Schmoo Bait

No. 10:  Bassy Getum by Outing

No. 11:  Zink Screwtail

No. 12:  Heddon:  Craw Shrimp

No. 13:  Spinno Minno

No. 14:  Kent Frog

No. 15:  Joe Pepper Feathered Minnow

No. 16:  Paul Bunyan Transparent Dodger

No. 17:  Heddon:  Artistic Minnow

No. 18:  LeBoeuf Creeper

No. 19:  C.C. Roberts Mud Puppy

No. 20:  Bear Creek Tweedler

No. 21:  Heddon:  Zinc Eye Crazy Crawler

No. 22:  South Bend Min-Oreno

No. 23:  L & S Bass-Master

No. 24:  Wood's Sonic

No. 25:  Heddon:  Crackleback

No. 26:  Dillon-Beck Quiver-Lure


Volume 1 (Originally Published in 1996 / Updated in 2020/21 and as relevant)

No. 1:   Vaughn's Lure

No. 2:   Heddon Glow Worm River Runt Spook

No. 3:   Muk-Cha-Ko Frog (Hub Bait Co.)

No. 4:   Catch All Frog

No. 5:   Waukazoo Surface Spinner (Shakespeare)

No. 6:   Heddon Darting Zara