Creek Chub 5000 Close Pin Lure

Creek Chub - Close Pin

Creek Chub 5000 Clothes Pin 
Creek Chub Close Pin Lure

I know all you Creek Chub fans were wondering when I'd get around to something from this company (other than the ever-popular Pikies), so here's what you've been waiting for!

The Close-Pin lure was made by Creek Chub from 1936 to 1946 (note dates corrected from original version). It consists of a wood body with screw eyes to hold the two trebles on the belly and tail, as well as the line tie on top of the head.

The two trebles are gold plated and it was only made with these so any Close-Pin lure without gold trebles is not authentic. For you color collectors, this is the ideal lure since it was only made in the one color shown!

Despite it's unassuming appearance, this is a rare Creek Chub lure. Of course, if your a 'color' collector, you can brag that you have all of them!

My Bait Shop Updates:
  • Note we updated the dates on this lure produced from 1936 - 1946 as published in "Collector's Encyclopedia of Creek Chub Lures & Collectibles Second Edition" by Harold E. Smith M.D.
  • Length:  3 1/4"
  • Weight:  1 1/2 oz
  • Creek Chub Lure #5000 (the 5000 number was later re-used by the Spinning Wiggle Diver from 1959 - 1962)
  • Sometimes referred to as Clothes Pin vs. Close Pin

This lure was produced for saltwater fishing and is meant to be a small, deep diving fishing lure.  It was first introduced in the 1936 catalog.

This is one of the more difficult Creek Chub lures to find, especially in decent condition.  Honestly it is even difficult finding a decent photograph of one.  We recently acquired one with a special thanks to Lang's Auction:

Creek Chub 5000 Clothes Pin Lure


Note that while this lure was only made in one standard color, like most Creek Chub baits non-standard colors can be found.  Non-standard colors are considered extremely rare.  



Test Your Knowledge:  Creek Chub Close Pin FAQ's:

What company made the Close Pin fishing lure?
The Close Pin fishing lure was made by the Creek Chub Bait Company.

When were the Creek Chub Close Pin fishing lures made?
The Creek Chub Close Pin fishing lures were first produced in 1936 and last advertised in 1946.

Where can I find more information on the Creek Chub Close Pin lures?
You can find more information on our website My Bait Shop where we have a full page dedicated to the Creek Chub Close Pin lure as well as have lots of vintage Creek Chub lures for sale.

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Unknown Lure

Unknown Lures for Lure Lore

The unknown for this edition is actually two lures and from their appearance, are from the same source. These are quite large, measuring over 5" in length and 2" in width at it's widest point. There are no markings on the lures.


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