Catch-All Inc.

 Catch-All Inc (Hiles, Wisconsin)

The Catch-All Bait company was a short lived Wisconsin company that was only in production from 1955 to mid-1957. During their production years, they manufactured over 50,000 baits in four sizes and six or more color patterns. The company was started in an out of use school house in Hiles, Wisconsin by "Bud" Granrath and close friend, Ted Roberts. The baits were distributed out of their Milwaukee location at 2028 N. Third St. , Milwaukee 12, Wisconsin.  Below are three pictures of the building from around 1999.
The baits came packaged in a one piece, plastic top cardboard box. These boxes were white with a red spider web design (see above) that covered the entire box. The company only produced the one lure in 4 sizes.

The Catch All sizes were:
Flyrod -   #100 - 1 3/4"
Spinning- #200 - 2 1/4"
Regular- #300 - 2 5/8" (although I have lures that measure 2 1/2" and 2 5/8")
Muskie- #400 - 4 1/2"
The 4 1/2" muskie size is quite rare. This lure did not prove to be very popular with most muskie fisherman due the the fact that the hooks had a reputation for pulling out when a large fish was hooked.

The color patterns were:
Green frog-     #0
Red / White-    #1
Black-          #2
Yellow frog-    #3
Black / Orange- #4
Scale Pattern-  #5
Brown with Yellow Spots- #6 (Note this is my catalog color number as this color is not catalogued).
It should be noted that when the company reordered paint, they got a slightly different shade or tone. Consequently, some yellow are lime and there are two different greens. The yellow / brown scale pattern is the toughest color to find. A seventh uncataloged color of brown with yellow spots has been found on some models. The lip of the lure is adjustable and can be fished in a "spoon up" or "spoon down" position. The lip is marked "Pat Pend" although I'm unsure if a patent was ever granted as I could not locate anything in the Patent Archives. Except for the central Wisconsin area, the entire line of baits is considered to be quite rare. A box insert catalog shown below pictures a nice case which holds all twelve lures. I have never seen one these and would love to know if one even exists. 

It is interesting to note that you will find several interesting variations and differences in the lures.  The paint on these does not age the best so be sure to double check if you have an original color or repaint.  I have found many fisherman's over-paints on these as well.  The Flyrod size (second toughest to find) only has one hook, a trailing treble hook.  The eyes on these are plastic and it is very common to find a lure with one or both eyes broken off.

I have found several lures in the regular 2 5/8" size that have factory paint and hardware but only have one trailing treble hook and no eyes.  I am not sure if these were produced at the end of the companies history and they were just using what stock was left or if it was a different design decision.  I have found enough of these to make me believe these came from the company and not elsewhere.

The Catch All is a tough lure to place a value on as not many exist, but there are few collectors of the bait. I have seen the lure sell for anywhere from $10-$60 depending on condition and inclusion of box.  A Musky size bait in Excellent condition could sell for quite a bit from $100 - $500.

Test Your Knowledge:  Catch All FAQ's:
Where were Catch All fishing lures made?
Catch All fishing lures were made in Hiles, Wisconsin and distributed out of their Milwaukee location at 2028 N. Third St, Milwaukee 12, Wisconsin.
When were Catch All fishing lures made?
Catch All lures were made from 1955 to mid-1957 although some parts may have been assembled afterwards.
Who were the owners of Catch All Inc?
"Bud" Granrath and Ted Roberts
How many sizes did Catch All lures come in?
Catch All lures came in four sizes, Flyrod, Spinning, Regular and Muskie.