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Bassy Getum

Outing Manufacturing Company - Elkhart, Indiana
Original Lure Lore Article (published in 1997)
Outing Bassy Getum Fishing Lure and Box 
Outing Bassy Getum Fishing Lure and Box

Generally, when talk turns to metal lures, one thinks of lures such as spoons or spinners such as Al Foss baits. Back in the 1920's, however, Outing Manufacturing Company made the Getum series of hollow metal lures which had the appearance of a more 'normal' lure (if there is such a thing!).

Included in the series were the Floater Getum, Pikey Getum, Du-Getum , Bucky Getum, Porky Getum, Feather Getum, and the Bassy Getum which is pictured here. The Bassy Getum measures 3 7/8" in length and weighs 5/8 oz. Colors for this lure listed in Luckey's included Black Bass, Large Mouth Bass, Small Mouth Bass, Rock Bass, Calico Bass, and Silver Bass. The Bassy Getum and the Pikey Getum are similar in appearance but can be distinguished by the fact that the Bassy version has a jagged and a smooth dorsal fin on the top while the Pikey has only a smooth fin. The Pikey also is a 1/4" shorter at 3 5/8" and weighs 1/2 oz.

Outing also produced reels and a tackle box and it was the tackle box that lead to the passing of this company into fishing lure history. In 1927, Heddon bought the company to obtain the patent rights to the tackle box. Subsequently, Heddon sold off the remaining inventory of Getum lures and never manufactured any thereafter.

Outing Lure Collection of NFLCC member Doug Jobe

 Outing Lure Collection of NFLCC member Doug Jobe

Outing lures can run from $150 to over $300 so be prepared to open your wallet on these!


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Here are some additional updates:
  • We now know from further research that Clarence Dewey started the Outing Manufacturing Company sometime in 1923 and production ran from only 1923-1927.
  • Below is another pic of Bassy Getum and box along with an ad for the famous Outing Tackle Box:

Outing Bassy Getum and Box

Outing Bassy Getum and Box
Outing Tackle Box 1926 Ad
Outing Tackle Box 1926 Ad

If anybody has additional information or paperwork such as early advertisements they would share it would be greatly appreciated.


Test Your Knowledge:  Outing Bassy Getum FAQ's:

When was the Outing Bassy Getum fishing lure first introduced?
The Outing Bassy Getum was made from 1913-1917 by Outing Manufactuing out of Elkhart, Indiana.

What company bought out Outing Manufacturing Company?
Heddon purchased Outing Manufacturing in 1927 primarily for the Outing Tackle Box.

Where can I find more information on the Outing Bassy Getum?
You can find more information on our website My Bait Shop where we have a full page dedicated to the Outing Bassy Getum fishing lure.

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Unknown Lure

 Unknown LureUnknown Lure

Also from Doug Jobe comes this interesting lure which came in the box which is also shown. It is a wooden ball about 2" in diameter, has brass wire through line tie, see-thru hardware, and three trebles with the trailing treble being weedless. There is a belly weight in the exact center (not shown). Whether or not the box and lure belong together is not known - any info. appreciated!

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