Collector Books

Below are some great books to help you get started collecting fishing lures and tackle or to add to your library.  One can never have enough reference material when collecting old tackle.  Each book has some unique elements and information and these quickly pay for themselves as you learn more about your lures. 

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Collector's Encylopedia of Creek Chub Lures and Collectibles:This is by far my favorite book. Great history, details and lots of color photos. Highly recommend this book for Creek Chub and collectors in general.  
Fishing Lure Collector's Bible:  This truly is the one that started it all.  The early version was a three ring binder.  This is the print version.  By Richard Streater.
Heddon Legacy
Heddon Legacy:  One of the best books on Heddon in my opinion, especially their older stuff. Beautiful and informative.
Wisconsin Fishing Tackle
History and Collectible Fishing Tackle of Wisconsin:  Great book by Robert Slade. Covers the great lures of Wisconsin, my home state.  A must have for Wisconsin collectors.
Identification and Value Guide to South Bend Fishing Lures:Simply The Bible on South Bend lures. Great book.
Lurecraft: How to Make Plugs, Spinners, Spoons, and Jigs to Catch More Fish:  If you've ever thought about making your own lures this book is a must have.  Taught me how to make my own spinners and some wooden plugs.
Old Fishing Lures & Tackle 6th Edition:This is my go to book for all lures that I don't have a specific book on. This has been updated to an 8th version but I honestly prefer the 6th version and good news it is cheaper to buy.
Shur Strike Minnows:  The History, Models and Colors of Creek Chub's Shur Strike Lures:  This is the best book on Shur Strike lures.  One of my favorite books and lures to collect.
Heddon Catalogs 1902-1953:  By the late "The Bassman" Clyde Harbin.  A true piece of history preserved here and a must read.  Clyde was a true gentleman and historian of antique lures, particularly Heddon.  I had the privilege to briefly know Clyde and we all miss him.  Thanks Clyde for preserving this history.
Heddon Cataloged Lures 1902-1984:  My new favorite book on Heddon.  By Joan Lyons.  This is a huge book and the first of three her and her husband are writing.  Truly a masterpiece of information on all of the lures Heddon made.  You won't believe how big this book is!
Bagley Collector's Guide:  Simply put this is THE reference book if you collect Bagleys.  By Johnny Garland.