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My Bait Shop's Vault of Old Antique Lures, tough lures, old lures, Heddon, Creek Chub, Pflueger, Shakespeare, South Bend and more

Welcome to My Bait Shop's Vault.  This is where we go down into our old cellar vault and bring out some of the rarest and more antique fishing lures you will find on this site.  This is where you will find some of the old lures and tough lures we have to offer.  We invite you to check out what we have to offer.  Over time you can expect to see old Heddon, Creek Chub, Pflueger, Shakespeare, Paw Paw, South Bend and many older miscellaneous company baits and fishing lures.  These are those tough lures to help add to your collection or those perfect lures to get you started collecting.  We hope you find something to add to your collection and enjoy the history and uniqueness of these old and tough antique fishing lures.  Please note we move our sold Vault listings into our Vault Archives over time if you would like to see them.


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