Bing's Weedless Nemahbin Minnow

Bing's Weedless Nemahbin Minnow

A.F. Bingenheimer - Milwaukee, Wisconsin


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Bing's Weedless Nemahbin Minnow 
Bing's Weedless Minnow

These two lures both were made by A.F. Bingenheimer of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Bingenheimer made lures starting around 1905 and continued into the teens. The name "Bing's Weedless Minnow" has been attributed to both although another name is "Bing's Weedless Nemahbin Minnow". 'Nemahbin' is a lake in southeastern Wisconsin which was (and still is) a popular vacation area back in the early 1900's.

Bingenheimer was an early innovator and designer of weedless rigs and the hardware configuration on these two lures clearly demonstrates that. Though it doesn't show well in the picture, the bottom lure has three main hooks extending from the middle of the body, one on each side and one on top with a weedguard for each.

The lures all had glass eyes, hand painted gill marks, and came in several colors. Both came in silver, gold, and metallic. The bottom one also came in white (as shown) while the top one came in Green Back and Crack Back as well as the Rainbow color (shown). There are no markings on the lures to identify them. The bottom one measured just over 3" in length while the top one, 4". These have been known to come in sizes up to 6".

These are considered rare lures and have a collector value of $250-$750 range, depending upon condition.  (Note:  these price estimates are from the original 1998 article.)


Multi-colored Bing's Minnow in red/yellow/green on gold body

Multi-colored Bing's Minnow in red/yellow/green on gold body



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  • Below is another photo a Bing Minnow:

Bing Weedless Minnow




    If anybody has additional information or paperwork such as early advertisements they would share it would be greatly appreciated.


    Test Your Knowledge:  Bing's Weedless Nemahbin Minnow FAQ's:

    Who made the Bing Weedless Minnow Fishing Lures?
    The Bing Weedless Minnow fishing lures were made by A.F. Bingenheimer out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin in the early 1900's.

    What is the Nemahbin name associated with?
    The name is associated with two lakes, Upper and Lower Lake Namahbin in Southeastern Wisconsin which were popular tourist fishing lakes at the time. 

    Where can I find more information on the Bing Weedless Minnow?
    You can find more information on our website My Bait Shop where we have a full page dedicated to the Bing Weedless Minnow fishing lure.

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    Unknown Lure

    Unknown Lure

    This 'unknown' lure is approximately 2 1/2" in length, has a single dressed treble hook on the back, and two spinner wire rigs on either side. One spinner blade is missing but the other is a marked Pflueger Bulldog spinner. Note the unusual line tie on the front. The owner believes it may be a Pflueger not only due to the presence of the spinner but also the color which was typical for that company.

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