Heddon Dummy Double

Heddon Dummy Double

Dummy-Double (No. 1500, 1913-1917)
Heddon - Dowagiac, Michigan


Original Lure Lore Article (published in 1997)
Heddon Dummy Double No. 1500 
Heddon Dummy-Double No. 1500 Lure

The Dummy Double lure was made by James Heddon & Sons in the early 1900's. It's date of manufacture is not clear but various books list it anywhere from 1907 to 1913. It appears in early Heddon catalogs from about 1913 to 1916. The lure was one of a number of experimental lures made by Heddon in an attempt to come up with a hook which would not scratch or gouge the lure.

Heddon was a leader in developing hooks and fasteners to that end and this was one such lure. The hook itself was patented by Heddon and is detachable by its design. The 'non' hook hangs to the inside when you hold the lure in a horizontal position, thereby eliminating any scratching of the body of the lure by the hook.

This wooden lure has front and rear spinners which are are clearly engraved "Heddon Dowagiac" and has glass eyes. This lure, in the color white body with red and green spots, was rated in 'E-' condition and valued at $1500. Due to aging, the 'white' on this particular lure had a yellowish hue.

Other colors include a yellow body with red and green spots. Karl Luckey's book also lists colors including fancy green back/white belly, blended white body with red eyes, blended red, rainbow, frog, spotted frog, yellow perch, and fancy back.


My Bait Shop Updates: (2021 and newer)

Here are some additional updates:
  • We now know from catalogs and research that the Heddon Dummy-Double No. 1500 was produced from 1913-1917.
  • In 1913 it came with "football rig" hardware.  This was dropped for "L-rig" hardware in subsequent years. 
  • Below are some pics of Dummy Doubles and paperwork:

Heddon Dummy Double

Heddon Dummy Double
Heddon Dummy Double Paperwork
Heddon Dummy Double Paperwork


If anybody has additional information or paperwork such as early advertisements they would share it would be greatly appreciated.


Test Your Knowledge:  Heddon Dummy-Double FAQ's:

When was the Heddon Dummy Double fishing lure first introduced?
The Heddon Dummy Double was made from 1913-1917 by Heddon out of Dowagiac, Michigan.

What is the point of the hooks on the Heddon Dummy Double?
It was supposed to provide a superior hook catching position (while also not marking up the paint on the lure). 

Where can I find more information on the Heddon Dummy Double?
You can find more information on our website My Bait Shop where we have a full page dedicated to the Heddon Dummy-Double fishing lure.

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Unknown Lure

 Unknown Lure

The 'unknown' features a wood lure, having a metal lip which is painted red on the bottom to match the red of the body. It has glass eyes and cug rigging. It had three treble hooks but the front and rear trebles are missing. The owner suggested it may be a South Bend experimental lure.

Unknown Status: Unidentified

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