South Bend Min-Oreno

South Bend #926, #927, #928 Min-Oreno

South Bend Bait Company - South Bend, Indiana


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South Bend Min-Oreno 
South Bend Min-Oreno


The South Bend Min-Oreno lure was was made from 1933 to 1939 and came in three sizes, 3-1/2", 4-1/2" and a 6" version. All sizes came in tack eye and painted eye versions. The lure is shaped differently from the mainstream South Bend lures in that it has a flat body approximately 1/2" in thickness. It has two treble hooks attached with screw eyes in recessed cup rig and had a wire leader attached to the diving lip.

The 3 1/2" was cataloged as #926, a 4 1/2" as #927, and a 6" version, #928. All three sizes came in the standard colors of Red Arrowhead/White Body (RW), Yellow Perch Scale (YP), Green Scale Finish (SF), Pike Scale Finish (P), Scale Finish with Red Blend (RSF) and Red Arrowhead with Yellow Body (RY). All of the colors are considered common for this lure except RY.

This is a somewhat tough lure for South Bend collectors to find. The common colors have a value range of between $30-$50 with the tougher color RY from $50-$70.  (Note:  these price estimates are from the original 1997 article.)


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Below is another photo of some Min-Orenos.  Thanks to our friends at Langs Auctions for the photo.
South Bend Min-Oreno's


Test Your Knowledge:  South Bend Min-Oreno FAQ's:

When was the South Bend Min-Oreno made?
The South Bend Min-Oreno was made by the South Bend Bait Company from 1933-1939.

How many sizes did the South Bend Min-Oreno come in?
The Min-Oreno came in three sizes.  The #926 at 3 1/2", the #927 at 4 1/2" and the #928 at 6" in length.

Where can I find more information on the South Bend Min-Oreno?
You can find more information on our website My Bait Shop where we have a full page dedicated to the South Bend Min-Oreno.

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Unusual Lure

Unusual Lure

It was not uncommon for tackle manufacturers to mark lures which didn't pass the quality control then let employees have them. Typically, such lures were marked "2nd" or "reject". This Heddon Baby Crab lure bears the '2nd' marking on the side as seen in both of the pictures. The color is believed to be Imitation Crab. The top picture shows a dark green body but the true color is more of a light green. This may be the reason the lure was marked '2nd' since the color should have been more golden brown.


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