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The Creek Chub Bait Company

Garrett, Indiana


Creek Chub Bait Company

The Creek Chub Bait Company (C.C.B.C.O.) or Creek Chub is one of the most famous fishing lure brands ever. Personally Creek Chub is my favorite.  Their variety of high quality lures in amazing colors make it very enjoyable to collect and display.  Additionally I quite frequently use old Creek Chub lures for fishing and have great results with these old warriors.  Creek Chub lures are great at catching fish and becoming harder to find.  Make sure to see our link below of the lures we currently have for sale by Creek Chub.  I will add more to this page over time.

Creek Chub was started in 1916 (although there is some confusion dating it back to 1906) by Henry Dills, Carl Heinzerling and George Schulthess.

Important Dates in Creek Chub History
1916:  First production lure made as company begins.
1918:  Company is officially incorporated.
1950:  Deep Diving lip produced.
1952:  Plastic top box produced.
1961:  Transition from glass eyes to tack eyes.
1978:  Sold to Lazy Ike Corporation.

Below is a photo of the factory in Garrett, Indiana which housed Creek Chub for most of its years.
Creek Chub Bait Company factory Garrett, Indiana

Creek Chub Lure Numbers
Number Lure Name
100 Wiggler
200 Baby Wiggler
200 Wee Dee (Plastic)
300 Crab Wiggler
400 Crab Wiggler (Baby)
500 Spoon Tail
500 Top N Pop
600 Husky Musky
600 Mitie Mouse
700 Pike Minnow
800 Deluxe Wag Tail Shiner
800 Giant Jointed Pikie
900 Baby Pikie Minnow
1000 Creek Bug Wiggler
1000 Cohokie
1000 Nikie
1100 Bug Wiggler
1100 Snarkie
1100 Mini-Cohokie
1200 Fly Rod Pikie (Trout)
1200 Snark
1300 Fly Rod Pikie (Bass)
1300 Snark-Eel
1400 Big Creek Bug Wiggler
1500 Injured Minnow
1600 Baby Injured Minnow
1700 Poly Wiggle
1700 Silversides
1800 Underwater Spinner Minnow
1800 Wiggle Diver
1900 Creek and River Fishing Lure
1900 Striper Strike
2000 Darter
2100 Fintail Shiner
2100 Striper Strike
2200 Midget Pikie Minnow
2300 Husky Pikie Minnow
2400 Wiggle Fish
2500 Baby Wiggle Fish
2600  Jointed Pikie
2700 Baby Jointed Pikie
2800 Weed Bug
2800 Triple Jointed Pikie
2900 Gar
3000 Jointed Husky Pikie
3100 Castrola
3200 Plunker
3300 Sarasota
3400 Snook Pikie
3500 Husky Injured Minnow
3600 Lucky Mouse
3700 River Rustler
3800 Beetle
3900 Sucker
4000 Tarpon Pikie
4100 Jigger
4200 Jointed Midget Pikie
4300 River Scamp
4400 Flip Flap
4500 Wiggle Wizard
4600 Skipper
4700 Fethi-Min
4800 Wee-Dee
4900 Jointed Darter
5000 Close Pin
5000 Spinning Wiggle Diver
5100 Dingbat
5200 Midget Dingbat
5300 Husky Dingbat
5300 Dingbat Plastic
5400 Surface Dingbat
5500 Jointed Snook Pikie
5600 Dinger
5700 Husky Dinger
5800 Husky Plunker
5900 Midget Plunker
6000 Midget Beetle
6000 Giant Pikie
6100 Midget Dinger
6200 Plunking Dinger
6300 Pop N Dunk
6380 Mouse
6400 Tiny Tim
6500 Baby Bomber
6577 Mouse
6580 Mouse
6600 Dive Bomber
6700 Big Bomber
6800 Jointed Striper Pikie
6900 Striper Pikie
7000 Seven Thousand
7000 Pocket Rocket
7100 Snook Plunker
7200 Surfster
7300 Husky Surfster
7400 Salt Surfster
7500 Surf Popper
7600 Surf Darter
8000 Midget Darter
8800 Viper
9000 Spinning Darter
9000-UL-P Ultra Light Darter
9100 Spoon Tail
9200 Spinning Plunker
9200-UL-P Ultra Light Plunker
9300 Spinning Pikie
9400-UL-P Ultra Light Jointed Pikie
9500 Spinning Injured Minnow
9500-UL-P Ultra Light Injured Minnow
9600 Spin Deepster
9700 Nikie
9900 Crazy Fish
F1-11 Flexible Floating Feather Minnow
F10-13 Feather Casting Minnow
F20-31 Bass Fly
F40-42 Hopper Fly
F50-51 Fly Rod Crawdad
F80-81 Fly Rod Froggie
F90 Fly Rod Cripple Minnow
F100-102 Fly Rod Pop It
F200-213 Fly Rod Mouse
F300-307 Hum-Bird
F400-405 Bug-A-Boo
F500-505 Bug-A-Moth
F600-605 Bug-A-Bass
F700-705 Bug-A-Boo (Trout Size)
F800-805 Bug-A-Boo (Pan Fish)
F900-905 Bull Pup
F1000-1005 Plunker Bass Bug
F1100-1105 Plunker Trout and Pan fish Bug
F1200-1205 Floating Fly Rod Minnow
F1300-1319 Fly Rod Dingbat
S1-3 Wicked Wiggler
S10 Wigl-Y-Ring
S20-25 Sinful Sal
S30-39 Champ
S40-49 Musky Champ
S50-57 Saltwater Champ
S11 Wiggle Jig
G11 Streeker
LS1-40 Saltwater Streeker
Creek Chub Color Codes
Code Description
0 Natural Chub
0 Natural Crab
0 Pikie Scale
0 Bug Finish
1 Perch Scale
2 Red Head White
3 Silver Shiner
4 Golden Shiner
5 Red Side
5 Dace
6 Gold Fish
7 Mullet
8 Rainbow
9 Greenback
9 Shad
10 White with Blue Head
10 Amber Flash
10 Gray
11 White with Black Head
11 Purple
12  Red
12 White
12RE White with Red Eye Shadow
13 Black
14 Yellow Spotted
15 Tan Crab
16 River Peeler
16 Banana
17 Luminous
17 Coachdog
18 Silver Flash
19 Frog
20 Green gar
20 Mackerel
21 Nite Glow
21 Fluorescent Red
22 Nite Glow with Red Head
22 Fluorescent Green
23 Fluorescent Yellow
24 Redwing Blackbird
24 Shrimp
25 White Scale
25BE White with Black Eyes
26 Red and White with Wings
27 Spotted
28 Gray
29 Victory
30 Red and Orange Spot
31 Rainbow Fire
32 Fire Plug
33 Black Scale
34 Blue Flash
35 Purple Eel
36 Sucker
37 Yellow Flash
38 Pearl
39 Tiger Stripe
40 Chrome
41 Red and Yellow
41 Amber
42 Black and Yellow
42 Psyche Pikie
43 Strawberry
44 Whitefish
50 Yellow Beetle
51 Green Beetle
52 White and Red Beetle
53 Orange Beetle
54 Gold Beetle
55 Black Beetle
SS Silver Shad
GP Glow Pearl
T Tiger



 Test Your Knowledge:  Creek Chub Bait Company FAQ's:

When was the Creek Chub Bait Company in business?

The Creek Chub Bait Company began in 1916 in Garrett, Indiana and operated independently until it was sold to the Lazy Ike Corporation in 1978.

What was Creek Chub's most famous lure?

While Creek Chub had many popular lures, it's most famous is far and away the Creek Chub Pikie.

Where was the Creek Chub bait company headquartered?

The Creek Chub Bait Company was headquartered in Garrett, Indiana.

Where can I find information on old Creek Chub lures I wish to research, buy or sell?

There are lots of great resources for this but we recommend you start with our Creek Chub History page located here: