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How about those 40 Year Old Hairy Berries?

I love finding old fishing lures.  Some are to collect.  Some are to fish.  Some are both.  This latest find fits in the last category.  We are thrilled to share this last find and I bet it's a bait you've never heard of, much less ever fished, but you should.  It's called the Worth Hairy Berry....Click "Read More" to continue.

Recent Bagley Finds - Discontinued Baits

As you may or may not know we are always searching high and low for more Bagley Baits.  We are Bagley fanatics!  We are proud to be Bagley dealers and offer the largest selection anywhere online of new, used and vintage Bagley Baits (see here).  Well recently we just found a sweet batch of recent discontinued baits I wanted to share with all of you....Click "Read More" to continue.

20 Vintage Creek Chub Baits Worth a Fortune

20 Vintage Creek Chub Baits Worth A Fortune

One of the things I really like about collecting fishing lures is the history.  Researching, compiling data and writing pages for my website.  I've had so much fun writing some of my past articles that I have decided to keep going.  I started my series first with "25 Vintage Fishing Lures Worth A Fortune".  This was fun to do as it encompassed all lures and manufactures.  After a short break I decided to keep going but start to break down the lures by manufacturer.  I started with the "Big Daddy" of them all and wrote "20 Vintage Heddon Fishing Lures Worth A Fortune".  After that I needed a little break.  Other parts of my website needed some attention so I stepped away for a little while.  

Well I came back to the series and today just launched the 3rd in the series, "20 Vintage Creek Chub Fishing Lures A Fortune".  I have to say that as a Creek Chub collector it was difficult to decide which lures to choose...Click "Read More" to continue.

Lake of the Ozarks - Week 2 Results - John Holtz

Week 2 Results - Lake of Ozarks - John Holtz

(Written by John Holtz)

Well, well, well… the thrill of victory, and the agony of… well this weekend! Nah, honestly it wasn’t horrible. We caught fish, just not the size we needed. Let’s put some perspective on this last weekend. This is the second tournament of the year for me. It was on legendary Lake of the Ozarks. I took an awesome guy who had never fished a tournament before and now has. I just couldn’t find the right fish. Had some awesome 14 3/4 inchers, problem is they gotta be 15” to weigh in! ...Click "Read More" to continue.

Good To Be Back Derb'n Again - Week 1 Results - John Holtz

John Holtz - My Bait Shop pro fisherman

(Written by John Holtz)

Oh my goodness is it ever good to be back derb’n again! Keith asked me to write some random thoughts, so we are just gonna let this one flow. People laugh at me about how I describe fishing tournaments. They are like, “you fish all the time… why are you making a big deal outta it this time?” Well, to the outsiders they won’t get it until they fish a tournament. It is a different mindset, style, heck it is a different sport! When I go chunk around my favorite My Bait Shop lures on a fun evening, weekend, or even practice day it is not the same. When you know that the money is down, and others have the same hope. Well, it turns into you vs. the world. Your breath gets quicker, your senses get edgy, to me it is nearly an out of body experience....Click "Read More" to continue.

Creek Chub Mitie Mouse

In Episode 3 of My Bait Shop Minutes we review the Creek Chub Mitie Mouse fishing lure.  We take a look at the standard colors that they came in and a little bit of the history behind them.  Made from 1963-1968 these were small but "Mitie" little lures that were fun to fish and are now fun to collect.  Check out the video below in this blog post by clicking "Read More" to continue.

My Bait Shop Minutes Mitie Mouse

Fish Weight Calculator

Fish Weight Calculator
Did you know My Bait Shop has it's own Fish Weight Calculator?  Well we do.  I've always loved these tools and I'm somewhat of a numbers geek besides being a fishing geek.  I've used lots of different tools in the past and always wanted to create one myself.  Even as a kid I remember those paper ones that you would get at tackle shops that you would line up with a ruler to compare length and girth to estimate pounds.  Click "Read More" to continue.

Lure Lore: AR-BE Reel Brake

AR-BE Reel Brake
Ah, the good old days when an angler knew he had become a true fisherman by successfully unsnarling his first backlash in the dark! For many today, the experience of a backlashed reel will never be known since advanced technology in casting reel design, not to mention the use of spin casters has pretty much eliminated this once-common problem.
Back in the days of the early casters, however, the backlash could put an end to an evening of fishing, particularly for the younger novice fisherman whose casting techniques were not as polished as that of a more experienced angler.  Click "Read More" to continue.

L & S Bait Company: Opaque Eyes

In this episode of My Bait Shop Minutes we discuss the the L & S Bait Company and take a look at some of their Bass Master lures.  We review the what painted or opaque eyes, as collectors call them, are and when they were transitioned out.  We compare opaque to the new life-like eyes that appeared starting in 1950 and show you how to tell the difference.  Check out the video below in this blog post by clicking "Read More" to continue.

L & S Opaque Eyes


Bomber Baits 101: Wood or Plastic

We have started a new section of My Bait Shop that we are calling My Bait Shop Minutes.  These are going to be short video segments that will be a minute or minutes long and focus on one small item of a specific lure, lure company, or aspect of lure collecting.  The first episode is a short video that examines how you can tell the difference a vintage wooden or plastic Bomber Bait.  Check out the video below in this blog post by clicking "Read More" to continue.

My Bait Shop Minutes Episode 1

Lure Lore: C.C. Roberts Mud Puppy

C.C. Roberts Mud Puppy

The C.C. Roberts Bait Company of Mosinee, Wisconsin, is the oldest continuous manufacturer of wood baits and is still making lures today. Maybe that is due in part to the fact that Roberts only made two lures for commercial use, the Mudpuppy and the Puppette. The Mudpuppy came in two lengths, 7" and 5-1/2". There are a fair amount of variations in the lengths of these lures due to the fact that in the early years, they were hand-carved.

The early versions of the Mudpuppy was cut down the middle, allowing the tail portion to rotate. Later versions were cut different, with the tail portion being only about 1/3 of the total length of the lure.  Click "Read More" to continue.

Lure Lore: Vaughn's Lure

Vaughn's Lure

Vaughn's Lure

This wooden body lure was manufactured in the early 1940's by Vaughn's Tackle Company of Cheboygan, Michigan, and has a rotating head with three flutes of varying colors. The head rotates on a shaft which is screwed into the body. A small washer separates the rotating head and body.  Click "Read More" to continue.

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