Muk-Cha-Ko Frog Lure

Muk-Cha-Ko Frog Lure

Hub Bait Company - Beaver Dam, Wisconsin

Muk-Cha-Ko Lure 
Muk-Cha-Ko Frog Lure

This interesting lure was made by the Hub Company of Beaver Dam, Wisconsin in the mid 1940's. It has a wood core but has an outer covering which appears to be a cast plaster overlay.

This lure is illustrated in Karl White's Fishing Tackle Antiques and Collectables (1995) and is mistakenly listed as being a "Muk-Ka-Choc Frog" and the manufacturer as the Hubb Company of Michigan. The owner of this lure had several of them in original boxes which have subsequently been sold to various collectors!

This lure came in two styles, one with a fixed hook (lure on the left) and the other with a floating treble hook attached at the rear of the lure as shown on the frog color.

Known colors for this lure included frog green with black spots/yellow centers, yellow with black spots/red centers, white with black spots/white centers, and light green with black spots/yellow centers.

Value range in excellent condition is $45 to $50. (Additional note:  these price estimates are from the original 1996 article.)


My Bait Shop Updates:

We now know a little more about this bait and this company primarily thanks to Robert Slade's excellent 2011 work "The Encyclopedia of Old Fishing Lures Made in North America".

  • The Hub Bait Company was in business from 1941-1969 although all production ceased in the late 1950's.  The business was officially sold in 1969 for a sum of $2,000.
  • The Muk-Cha-Ko frog was first introduced in 1941.  The name means "Much Weedless Frog" in local Native American language.



Test Your Knowledge:  Muk-Cha-Ko Lure FAQ's:

Who made the Muk-Cha-Ko Frog fishing lures?
The Muk-Cha-Ko lures were made by the Hub Bait Company of Beaver Dam, Wisconsin beginning in 1941.

What does Muk-Cha-Ko mean?
The name Muk-Cha-Ko means "Much Weedless Frog" in local Native American language.

Where can I find more information on the Muk-Cha-Ko fishing lures?
You can find more information on our website My Bait Shop where we have a full page dedicated to the Muk-Cha-Ko frog lure.

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