Show and Tell

One of the greatest parts of collecting lures and old fishing tackle is the amazing variety of shapes, sizes and colors.  What is beautiful to one person may be different to another. Below are some of my favorite items I wanted to share with you.  I will always try to include a picture as well as some brief history on the item.

Miller's Reversible Minnow Miller's Reversible Minnow with Early Box

Creek Chub Select-Six Lure Assortment.


This assortment was made by the Creek Chub Bait Company between 1927-1933.  This was the last of the six pack assortments they offered.

This is a great example of the classic lures and packaging from that time.




Brooklure Six Pack Assortment.  This was made by Shur-Strike, the off brand label for Creek Chub Bait Company.  This box was sold to department stores for their catalogs.

"Save Worms Use Jitterbugs" Sticker

One of the most iconic fishing stickers ever made.  A favorite of mine and a must for any Jitterbug collector!

Save Worms Use Jitterbugs

Save Worms Use Jitterbugs