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Sparkle Tail lures for sale at My Bait Shop

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Sparkle Tail lures for sale at My Bait Shop

The original Sparkle Tail was made by Hubbard Lures.  Hubbard Lures was started in the early 1950's when Warren "Hub" Hubbard began experimenting and making lures for himself in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Warren was an avid fisherman and was working in Indianapolis as a tool maker.  These lures became popular and soon his friends began asking him to make them for him.  Soon after he began to transition to plastic, first contracting in 1954 with the Land-O-Tackle Company out of Illinois and in 1961 with Texas based Sportsman's Products Inc.  A year later the Sparkle Tail was designed.

The Sparkle Tail proved to easily be Hubbard's best selling lure and the lure was produced by Sportsman's in Texas for the next six years.  The lure became very popular with walleye fisherman heading to Canada as well as a Midwestern walleye and bass hit.  The Sparkle Tails were made in two sizes.  The Hubbard Company was relocated to Brooklyn, Indiana and in 1966 was sold to Everett James of Arcadia, Indiana.

In the 1980's the rights to the Sparkle Tail were sold to the Red Eye Tackle Company of New York.  Red Eye is now owned by Eppinger and these lures are thankfully once again back in production exactly like they were years ago.

You can see all of our Sparkle Tail lures for sale here.



When was the Sparkle Tail lure first made?

The Sparkle Tail was first produced by Hubbard Lures in 1962.

Is the Sparkle Tail Lure still made today?
Yes, thankfully Sparkle Tail is now owned by Eppinger Mfg and produced in two sizes and a variety of colors.

Where can I buy Sparkle Tails lures?
You can buy Sparkle Tail lures right here at

What can you catch on Sparkle Tail lures?
These lures are amazing for walleye, bass, pike, muskie, lake trout and more!


 You can see all of our Sparkle Tail lures for sale here.