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Lure Mysteries Episode 5: "A Case of Musky Fever"

Lure Mysteries Episode 5:  "A Case of Musky Fever"
Webster's dictionary defines "Musky Fever" as: "a serious and sometimes fatal medical condition in which the frontal lobe of the brain swells and sends impulses to the body focusing on the singular purpose of pursuing the Esox masquinongy, commonly referred to as a muskellunge or musky.  This condition is usually more prevalent in males but not exclusively and tends to be more common in men over age 40.  Risk factors include owning too much fishing gear, weekend fishing in states such as Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan and some Canadian provinces.  Despite much research there currently is no cure for this condition.  Treatment plans include...Click "Read More" to continue.

Lure Mysteries Episode 4: "A Modern Indent Should Hold the Clue"

Lure Mysteries 4:  "A Modern Indent Should Hold the Clue"

For this episode of Lure Mysteries we are going in a little different direction.  So far none of the previous lures have been identified and I am almost positive today's lures will be solved by someone out there fairly quick.  Heck I might even remember the identity of these lures myself.  I feel like the name is on the tip of my tongue but after several days, I give up so I present them to you....Click "Read More" to continue.

Lure Mysteries Episode 3: "A Piece of the Puzzle"

Lure Mysteries Episode 3:  "A Piece of the Puzzle"

This week's episode of Lure Mysteries is a "lure" I've had for a long time.  Dating back to a large lot of lures I bought back in the 1990's.  It was a rather large lot and included a lot of variety and some really old lures.  At the time I purchased this lot I was rather new to the hobby and was convinced this lure was only missing the back hooks or was a piece of something really old.....Click "Read More" to continue.

Lure Mysteries Episode 2: "Two Little Ducks Went Out One Day"

Lure Mysteries Episode 2
"Two little ducks.  Went out one day.  Over the hills and far away.  Mother duck said Quack, quack, quack, but only one little duck came back."  Well that was the way it was supposed to go, at least according to the story and Mother Goose when we questioned her and Mother Duck.  Only it didn't go down that way.......Click "Read More" to continue.

Lure Mysteries Episode 1: "The Case of the Hotcubbie"

Lure Mysteries Episode 1:  The Case of the HotCubbie

Welcome to our newest addition to My Bait Shop, Lure Mysteries.  Each week we will bring you one new lure that we have been unable to identify through our research.  Some of these lures have been researched heavily in books, catalogs, forums, etc and some a little less.  We will post pictures and what we know of the lure and ask that if you can help solve the mystery or add any information that might help, please comment below this post.  Now on to Episode 1, The Case of the Hotcubbie.

We purchased the Hotcubbie in a very large musky lure lot in Rhinelander, Wisconsin.  This lot included a lot of brand name lures but also some prototypes and some smaller, "garage production" type companies that never made it big time.  The Hotcubbie is 5 1/4" long and appears to be very well made and not a prototype by any means.  It has "Hotcubbie" written on one side and what appears to be the makers signature on the other side.  I have tried to alter the photo of the signature the best I can but cannot recognize the name......Click "Read More" to continue.

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