Lure Mysteries Episode 2: "Two Little Ducks Went Out One Day"

Nov 14, 2019
Lure Mysteries Episode 2
"Two little ducks.  Went out one day.  Over the hills and far away.  Mother duck said Quack, quack, quack, but only one little duck came back."  Well that was the way it was supposed to go, at least according to the story and Mother Goose when we questioned her and Mother Duck.  Only it didn't go down that way.  Well folks, you can see why.  Duck number one was chained to Duck number two.  Seems like we got a real caper on our hands here.

We first found this fishing lure a couple of years ago in a large lot and honestly I can't remember where it came from.  One of the those big lures purchases you buy for something else and this was in it.  First and only time I've ever seen this combo.  At first it looked very familiar to me but after two years of checking books I've given up.  There are no markings on these lures.  They appear to be made out of wood and don't really appear all that old.  I would guess no older than the 1970's.  Total length is about 4 1/2" including both ducks.

Here are some detailed photos of the suspects in question:
Do you know who made these "Little Ducks"?  Any information that may lead to the ID of this lure and the maker / company is greatly appreciated.  Please comment below with any information or leads you may have.  I will update this post when we have cracked this case.

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