Lure Mysteries Episode 4: "A Modern Indent Should Hold the Clue"

Lure Mysteries 4:  "A Modern Indent Should Hold the Clue"

For this episode of Lure Mysteries we are going in a little different direction.  So far none of the previous lures have been identified and I am almost positive today's lures will be solved by someone out there fairly quick.  Heck I might even remember the identity of these lures myself.  I feel like the name is on the tip of my tongue but after several days, I give up so I present them to you, our blog readers for identification.

Today's lures come from a lot of fairly new lures and these lures themselves appear fairly new.  They are plastic and all three of them are identical except for color.  They feature a slightly textured body and gill cover.  The most identifying mark though is on the diving bill of the lures though.  They each have a circular indent on the diving lip.  This should make them a dead giveaway to the manufacturer but I have not come up with the name.  Here are the photos:



Each lure is about 2 1/4" long excluding the lip and again has a round indent in the diving lip that goes about halfway down, unfortunately that doesn't photograph well.  These are well made lures and certainly come from a big company and are probably still in production today.

Do you know what these lures are?  Any information that may lead to the ID of these lures and the maker / company is greatly appreciated.  Please comment below with any information or leads you may have.  I will update this post when we have cracked this case.  I am hopeful this one will be solved rather quickly.

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