Miracle Cloth All Purpose Polishing Cloth

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Miracle Cloth All Purpose Polishing Cloth.  This stuff is simply amazing.  I have been personally using this for over 20 years to clean my lures and many other items around the house.  In fact I like this product so much I tracked down the manufacturer to be a re-seller of this product.  Bag contains one 6" cloth which lasts an amazing amount of time.  Sealed new bag, brand new!  This will work on just about anything, the only thing it doesn't work well on is the old gantron or fireplug finishes or Heddon crackleback as it will take some paint off.  Other than that it is simply awesome.  I use for lures but so many other uses, see back of bag in photo.  Order a Miracle Cloth or two and be amazed!  Your lures will clean right up.  ORDER 1 to 4 CLOTHS AND SHIPPING IS THE SAME LOW AMOUNT.  ORDER 5 OR MORE FOR FREE SHIPPING!