Fish Weight Calculator

1 comment Jan 22, 2021
Fish Weight Calculator
Did you know My Bait Shop has it's own Fish Weight Calculator?  Well we do.  I've always loved these tools and I'm somewhat of a numbers geek besides being a fishing geek.  I've used lots of different tools in the past and always wanted to create one myself.  Even as a kid I remember those paper ones that you would get at tackle shops that you would line up with a ruler to compare length and girth to estimate pounds.

Now, first let me disclaimer.  I know none of these are perfect and I guarantee mine is NOT perfect.  Not by any means.  It is however kind of close for most ranges.  I tried to keep it simple and useful for bass, musky and pike.  There are some it will miss on but it gives you an idea.  I've compared it to a lot of different formulas and settled on a combination that I can live with.  Again, it's not perfect.  It's not meant to be but hey, it's fun.  So come check it out, tell your friends, link to it and keep coming back.  As I find ways to tweak and improve it, I will.  You can find it in the Resources section on the top of the page.  Here's a quick link to it, the My Bait Shop Fish Calculator.  Thanks for giving it a try.

1 comment

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