Musky Mania Jointed Lil'Ernie, Fire Tiger Color

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Musky Mania Jointed Lil'Ernie, Fire Tiger Color. Great classic bait here. Jointed model with rattle action. Lure is used but with very minor wear and in great condition, see photos. 

Was purchased in a large lot of musky lures that were mostly never fished with a handful of them hitting the water once or twice.

Note:  plastic tubing has been placed on hooks to protect the bait during storage and shipment.  Carefully remove before fishing.

Length: 6 1/4" long (including lip)

Weight: 1.4oz

Musky Mania Ernie:

The Ernie is a proven bait in both freshwater and saltwater applications. Ernie dives 6 to 15 feet on a cast and up to 30 feet when trolled. The integrally molded dive lip is designed to hold up to continuous contact with rocky bottoms and the durable plastic ribbed construction holds up to the largest predatory fish. The high frequency tight wiggle mimics an escaping baitfish and allows it to be trolled at high speeds. Great lure that's surprisingly easy to crank on deep retrievals!

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