ERC/Drifter Tackle 6

ERC/Drifter Tackle 6" Hell Hound, Fire Belly Color

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ERC/Drifter Tackle 6" Hell Hound, Fire Belly Color. Great classic big fish glide bait here. Lure is used but with very minor wear and in great condition, see photos. 

Was purchased in a large lot of musky lures that were mostly never fished with a handful of them hitting the water once or twice.

Note:  plastic tubing has been placed on hooks to protect the bait during storage and shipment.  Carefully remove before fishing.

Length: 6 1/4" long

Weight: 3.4oz

Hell Hound 6":

Many people have asked for a smaller version of the Hell Hound and the 6″ version of the Hell Hound is called the Hell Puppy.  It follows in the same great tradition. Still the easiest to use, most versatile glidebait you’ll ever throw. Whether worked slow, fast, steady, or erratically, you’ll quickly see that you have control over it at all times. In fact, you’ll not find a jerkbait that gives you as many easy to use options.  Just like it’s big brother, the Hell Puppy rocks back and forth as it descends when stopped during retrieval, providing dynamite fish triggering action!

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