All Esox Mr. Toothy, Black/Silver Glitter Color

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All Esox Mr. Toothy, Black/Silver Glitter Color. Very hard to find lure that has been discontinued for a while. Lure is used but with very minor wear and in great condition, see photos. 

Was purchased in a large lot of musky lures that were mostly never fished with a handful of them hitting the water once or twice.

Note:  plastic tubing has been placed on hooks to protect the bait during storage and shipment.  Carefully remove before fishing.

Length: 9 1/2" long (including lip)

Weight: 2.7oz

MR. Toothy

The “Mr. Toothy” from All Esox is available in both deep and shallow running versions. They are crafted from western red cedar with stainless steel components and tough epoxy finishes. Cast the shallow version down 6’-8’ and troll it down to 12’. The deep model will run 10’-14’ on the cast and trolls at 25’ plus! Cylindrical body with rounded lip provides a nice wobble.