Bobbie 6 1/2" Jerk Bait, Rainbow Color

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Bobbie 6 1/2" Jerk Bait, Rainbow Color. Great Wisconsin musky bait here. About 6 3/4" long overall. Lure is used but in very good condition. Fish or collect!

Was purchased in a large lot of musky lures that were mostly never fished with a handful of them hitting the water once or twice.

Tough lure to find.

Length: 6 3/4" long (overall)

Weight: 1.4oz

Bobbie Baits:

Bobbie Jerk Baits have been pulling in record muskies for more than 70 years.  They are a quality lure, constructed from hand-turned pine, mounted with a pressed stainless steel adjustable tail, and two treble hooks on the 6 1/2” lure, and three treble hooks on the 8” lure.

The action of the bait can be varied by how you set the metal tail.  By bending the tail down, the bait will run deeper.  Bend the tail up and the bait will swim near the surface.

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