Slammer 7" Prism Minnow Lure, Prism Blue

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Slammer 7" Prism Minnow Lure, Prism Blue.  Here's a tough color you won't find often.  Lure body is about 7" long. Lure is in new like condition, see photos.  Highly sought after Musky lure from both fisherman and collectors.  Fish or collect.

Never fished since it was originally purchased even has the store sticker!

Note:  plastic tubing has been placed on hooks to protect the bait during storage and shipment.  Carefully remove before fishing.

Length: 7"

Weight: 1 1/2oz

7" Slammer:

An all around favorite size minnowbait in the Slammer line up. Perfect for spring and fall twitching!
When casting, it runs down 2 to 3 feet with a super violent wobble that puts out tons of flash and vibration. Not to big of a bait when you need to down size a bit or not to small when your looking for the big stuff!
When trolling it tracks true to 4 mph and runs down 6 to 8 feet. Perfect for holding tight to a weedline or out over the flats!

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