Slammer 8" Musky Lure, Shiner New on Card Old Stock

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Slammer 8" Musky Lure, Shiner New on Card Old Stock.  Here's a tough one to find.  Lure body is about 8" long.  Card in nice shape with some wear to the bubble, lure new on card.  Highly sought after Musky lure from both fisherman and collectors.  Fish or collect.

Length: 8"

Weight: 2oz

8" Slammer:

If trophy fish are what your are looking for, then the 8 inch Slammer should be your first choice. Dives to 6-8 feet casted or will troll down to 15 feet. Like all Slammer Crankbaits, it's thru wire construction and unbreakable lexan diving lip will hold up to even the meanest muskies. It's fitted with three tangle free 2X strong hook's for high percentage hooking power and you'll never have to worry about the hooks catching each other and a fouled cast.

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