Leo-Lure, Leo-Musky Dawg, Custom Color, Special Perch/Yellow Belly

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Leo-Lure, Leo-Musky Dawg, Custom Color, Special Perch//Yellow Belly. This 6 1/2" long musky bait is perfect for any musky fishermen. Lure is new in vintage bag and in great condition. Great bait out of Pennsylvania. Fish or collect you can't go wrong with this one.

Note:  plastic tubing has been placed on hooks to protect the bait during storage and shipment.  Carefully remove before fishing.

Length: 6 1/2" long

Weight: 2.9oz


The Musky Dawg is a "thick" bodied lure with string rod pounding action. This is mainly a trolling lure. Run this lure over some humps or points and get ready!

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