Rapala Jig Rap W5, S Silver Color with Box

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Rapala Jig Rap W5, S Silver Color with Box. Great vintage set here. About 2" long. Lure has some minor wear but still in good condition. Box is also in good condition see photos. Perfect for any fishermen or collectors. See photos. 

Rapala Jig Rap:

Ideal for summer or winter jigging. Excellent for all game fish the lure swims in a circle when jigged up and down. Reaches fish through the ice or deep holes unobtainable through other methods of fishing. Designed and made by Lauri Rapala and Sons of Finland. Note balanced design and center eyelet positioning. Has two single reverse hooks plus centered treble hook. Lead weight constructed.

-Expert from 1971 Normark/Rapala Catalog

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