Vintage Mepps Aglia Long #4 Plain Treble, Etched Gold Blade Color

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Vintage Mepps Aglia Long #4 Plain Treble, Etched Gold Blade Color. Great preforming lure that's a must have for any fishermen. Spinner is about 3 1/4" long. Lure is used with some wear and marks. Fish or collect. 

The Mepps Aglia Long blade “hugs” the body during the retrieve, allowing it to stay in deep pockets where big fish live. It's perfect for fishing pools below lake outlets or man-made dams. All Aglia® Longs feature Mepps Color Technology for maximum visibility and solid brass bodies and blades. Beads are lathe-turned to resist chipping. Available in both treble and single hooks, plain and dressed.

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