Smithwick Spoonbill Super Rogue Color 260 Flakey Doctor

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Smithwick Spoonbill Super Rogue Color 260 Flakey Doctor.  About 5" long body excluding lip.  Used vintage lure in good condition with minimal wear.  See photos.  Tougher lure to find.  From around 2005.  Great walleye lure!

From the 2005 Smithwick catalog:

"The Spoonbill Super Rogue is the deep-running version of the popular Super Rogue. It features a reinforced, super-tough, built-in paddle to insure true-running action whether trolling or casting. The Spoonbill Super Rogue boasts a unique precision designed brass rattle system with a steel ball rattle. The Spoonbill Super Rogue also features a realistic molded-in fish scale finish and Smithwick’s patented 3-D eye for added fish-catching power. The Flash Spoonbill Super Rogue is decorated with the hottest up-to-date trolling color combinations and each bait is dressed with red hooks to tempt even the most fickle walleye or salmon."

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