Rusty Jessee Killer Baits 2014-15 Punkinseed Ice Pearl Color

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Rusty Jessee Killer Baits 2014-15 Punkinseed Ice Pearl Color.  Great bait here.  Modeled after the famous Heddon Punkinseed.  About a 3" wood body.  Glass eyes.  Custom made by Rusty Jessee, one of the greatest contemporary lure makers of today.  Whether you fish these lures which are very productive, display, or collect them you can't go wrong.  Simply a beautiful lure here.  Photos do not do this justice.  Comes with custom box.  Grab this one while it lasts.

These are very tough to find!  Details are stunning.

Acquired as part of an big lot of older contemporary lures we purchased.  These older ones don't normally come up for sale.  Take advantage and add this one to your collection.

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