Rapala 29" Giant Lure SB-Silver Black Color New in Box

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Rapala 29" Giant Lure Silver Black Color New in Box.  Rapala's 29 inch Giant Lure would be a welcome addition to any room where fish tails are told. Instant storytelling erupts every time you get near these massive replicas of America’s favorite lure. And like this lure, the stories can get pretty large. Rapala Giant Lures are sure to be a hit!

Would look awesome in your man cave, den, or cottage!


  • Comes packaged in Giant Rapala Style Carton
  • Incredible Replicas of Original "Fishable" Versions
  • 29" long
  • Price includes domestic (U.S. shipping)

Notes:  Caution - While giant lures are not intended for fishing, the hooks are sharp.  Care should be taken.  Keep away from children.  Does not come with any hanging hardware.

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