Rebel Super R Bone/Orange Belly Color with Box

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Rebel Super R Bone/Orange Belly Color with Box. With a body length of 2 1/2" long this deep-diving Rebel is a rare find. Box is in ok condition with some wear and a fair amount of dirt, lure is in great shape. This would be perfect for your collection or tackle box. See photos.

Tougher color to find!

The Rebel Super R was an incredibly popular lure in the 1970's amongst novice and professional fishermen. In it's prototype stage the lure caught a stringer of fish that won the 1972 Bass Master Invitational.  The Rebel Super R offers a unique action that allows the lure to suspend while it swims. The lure was eventually discontinued in the 1980's. 

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One of my personal favorite lures to fish!  My Bait Shop recommended!