Bandit Flat Maxx Deep Chrome Black Back Color FMD231 New on Card

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Bandit Flat Maxx Deep Chrome Black Back Color FMD231 New on Card. This is new old stock. Bubble on the lure is a little crushed and there is a crease on the card. Grab these while you can!  Great bass lure!

A flat bodied crankbait can be the answer to a slow day on the water. Pair this design with a coffin lip and put the Bandit Flat Maxx Crankbait to work. This design produces a tight wiggle for a natural look. The coffin lip design of the Flat Maxx makes it ideal for throwing around wood as it will deflect from the hard cover creating a slight pause and directional change that will trigger instinctive strikes. The Bandit Flat Maxx is an ideal crankbait for cold water.

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Bandit Length Weight Depth Class
Deep 2.75" 1/2 oz. 8-12 ft. Floating