P-Line Hex Bar Jig

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P-Line Hex Bar Jig. Unique metal bait here. About 6" long and about 6 oz. Used but in good condition with minor wear. Great lure here for any fishermen. 

This Hex Bar Fishing Jig was designed for anglers who are serious about Lingcod.

It's made to drop quickly and will sometimes clatter on the rocks when it hits bottom. This alerts rock fish and draw their attention. It's built for jigging applications and has barbed hooks in four directions and a hole near the top for attaching a light stick or an additional stinger hook.

  • Built for bottom-hugging lingcod
  • Integrated hole for adding a light stick or stinger hook
  • Red tag adds action and visibility for extra enticement
  • Rigged with a super-sharp treble hook