Sebile D & S Crank Mat Brown/Red Crawdad Color in Box

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Sebile D & S Crank Mat Brown/Red Crawdad Color in Box. Great deal on a unique lure. Card is in good condition and lure is new in box, see photos. Lure is about 5" long including lip.


The D&S Crank is revolutionary in its ability to catch fish and snag less in heavy cover where anglers don’t dare risk using and losing other lures. Whether retrieved of trolled, Sebile’s patent pending Gravity Snagless Hook System uses the Earth’s natural attraction to hold the hook down in its lowest position possible, permitting the bait to run through heavy grass, brush, rocks, and timber. When fish bite, the closing pressure of its jaws on the lure will raise the hook point up to catch the fish’s mouth. It is one of the truly conservation-conscious lures that makes catch and release easier, faster, and safer for the fish.

Sebile Model Length Weight Diving Depth Class
D&S Crank 70 5" 7/8 oz. 20-28 ft. Floating