Rebel Middle Wee-Crawfish Moss Crawfish Color

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Rebel Middle Wee-Crawfish Moss Crawfish Color. Rebel bait here. About 2" long excluding the lip. In great condition with little wear. Highly sought-after color!

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Rebel Middle Wee Crawfish Being slightly smaller than the original Wee-Crawfish, the Middle Wee-Crawfish provides fish an easy-looking target. Being a bit larger than the Teeny Wee-Crawfish, the Middle Wee-Crawfish is a bit heavier and therefore easier to cast. Like its larger and smaller cousins, the Middle Wee-Crawfish handles well in current and is an excellent bet for stream trout and smallmouth bass. However, it’s also at home and highly effective in a pond or lake for bass and other fish species.

Rebel Model Length Weight Depth Class
F68 2" 3/16 oz. 4-6 ft. Floating