Mann's Depth 15+ Pearl/Black Back

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Mann's Depth 15+ Pearl/Black Back. At about 3 1/2" long including it's signuture lip this Mann's crankbait is in very good condition with little wear. This discontinued lure would perfect in your tackle box or collection. See photos. 

The Mann's Depth Series are floating, rattling divers that run to where their names say they do. Trolling and long casts with lighter line assure deeper operating ranges. The patented Davis System Lip allows greater depth with less resistance. 5+, 10+ and 15+ are ideal for smallmouth and white bass plus finicky or clear water largemouth. The 20+, the first to break the elusive 20-foot mark, is a favorite of bass tournament anglers, and has a state record striper to its credit. The 30+ is the deepest diver in its class.

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