Helin Flatfish HE T4 with Box

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Helin Flatfish HE T4 with Box. At about 3 1/2" long this pre 1963 lure is in great shape and the same can be said about the box. This lure would look great in your collection or tackle box. See photos.

Helin Flatfish are one of the greatest and best selling lures of all-time.  Started in 1933 by Charles Helin in Detroit, Michigan.  By 1971 over 40 million Flatfish had been sold!  Check out our other Flatfish for sale on our Helin Tackle Company page.  We have the largest selection of vintage Flatfish for sale on the internet.  Cast or troll.  Fish or collect.  Tough to beat a Helin Flatfish.  Don't settle for the newer versions, buy the originals.