Sparkle Tail Red White Color 506 Series 10 Lure New on Card

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Sparkle Tail Red White Color 506 Series 10 Lure New on Card.  About 3" long.  One of the greatest all around baits ever invented and back in production!  Stock up on these.  Simply a must have bait in your tackle box in many different colors and both sizes.

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This is the original Hubbard lures Sparkle Tail!

Sparkle Tail.  Hubbard Lures Original Vibrating Sparkle Tail.  Here is one of the best-kept secrets in fishing.  It is an amazing success story and proof that a quality product sells because it works.  Successfully sold by Hubbard's for years in the Midwest markets.  Sparkle Tail is now available nationwide.

Sparkle Tail has proven itself simply by catching more fish.  Superbly designed as an all-purpose bait, Sparkle Tail has worked especially well on bass, walleye, pike, muskie- and now Great Lakes salmon.

Sparkle Tail Action

You won't see many small jointed baits on the market because they are very expensive to make.  However, the vibrating whipping action of the tail and body attracts and catches more fish.  Sparkle Tail is a shallow to medium depth diver excellent for casting or trolling.  And it works at any speed.

Sparkle Tails are easily tuned - and running them slightly "off track" has proven very successful.

10 1/4 OZ 3"
20 1/2 OZ 4"