Jointed Chautauqua 8" Minnow Musky Lure Yellow Perch Color

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Jointed Chautauqua 8" Minnow Musky Lure Yellow Perch Color.  One of the standard and proven top Musky colors in this bait.  Get this very special bait and add to your collection or better yet take fishing!  That's what it was made for!

The Jointed Chautauqua Minnow features flashy side rolls and a powerful shake. A large crankbait made for fishermen targeting trophy musky. Features an adjustable, stainless steel diving lip. Dives deep—up to 8ft when casting.

• Floats at Rest

• Made from Cedar

• 8” Body Length

• Size 3/O Treble Hooks

• Stainless Steel Lip and Heavy Duty Screw Eyes

• Tank Tested

Hand crafted by The Chautauqua Bait Company and delivered in a two piece cardboard box.  In my opinion the closest thing you will find to the old Creek Chub lures.  High quality and simply amazing. Great to fish and equally great to display.  (Hook tubing for safety during shipping.  Please remove prior to fishing.)

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