Heddon Slopenose (Dowagiac Perfect Surface Casting Bait)

Heddon Slopenose (Dowagiac Perfect Surface Casting Bait)

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We couldn't be prouder at My Bait Shop to offer the brand new Heddon Slopenose, a reintroduction of a bait first made famous over 110 years ago, the Dowagiac Perfect Surface Casting Bait.  These are brand new baits fresh from the factory.

In 1902, James Heddon patented the Dowagiac Perfect Surface Casting Bait, which anglers quickly dubbed “the Slopenose” due to appearance given by the metal
ring near the front of the lure. More than 118 years later, the Slopenose returns to action.

Delivering rod-bending topwater explosions and next-level versatility on the surface, the Heddon Slopenose Topwater Walking Bait is a blast from the past with a dose of modern technology. Originally released in 1902, the Slopenose is ready to return to action and start filling livewells with big bass across the country. Exercising extreme adaptability, it can be fished as a popper, chugger, or stickbait to suit the mood of your lake’s fish or capitalize on given water conditions. The Slopenose excels when utilizing a ‘walk-the-dog’ style retrieve, but it also can accomplish a more subtle movement where the head moves left and right, but the lure stays on a straight-line retrieve. Constructed using only the finest components with classic Heddon color schemes, the Heddon Slopenose Topwater Walking Bait is the ideal lure to bridge the gap between the past and present.  Please note these are plastic (spook) baits.

Comes on an attractive Forever Heddon card and bubble package.  Sample photo shown.

Heddon Length Weight Class Hooks
Slopenose 4-7/8" 3/4oz Topwater #2


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