Chautauqua Baby Bird Pink Plopper

Chautauqua Baby Bird Pink Plopper

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From the creative minds at Chautauqua comes the next great surface bait, the Pink Plopper.  Fresh from the nest these baby birds are ready to trigger game fish strikes.  Forget frogs, mice and other topwater treats.  Real big fish want baby birds.

We have these in limited quantity so grab them while you can.

• Hand-Poured, Solid Resin Casting

• Floats at Rest

• Weight: 1.2 oz.

• 3-1/8” Body Length

• Size 2/O Double Hook w/ Channel-Locking Design

• Stainless Steel Hardware

• Tank Tested

• Please note:  Like in nature each one of these birds is created individually and as such the colors may vary slightly.

Thoughtfully engineered, high-realism resin castings. Each lure is hand-cast from its sculpted original.  (Hook tubing for safety during shipping.  Please remove prior to fishing on hook points only.)

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