Bass Custom Car / Truck Emblem

Bass Custom Car / Truck Emblem

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Bass Custom Car / Truck Emblem.  WILL LOOK GREAT ON YOUR TRUCK!    Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass fishermen everywhere will be proud to show their devotion to the sport by displaying our custom vehicle emblems on the back of their cars, trucks, SUV’s, boats, etc. These make great gifts for Bass fishermen.

Our Bass fish emblems are made of sturdy, chrome plated ABS. They measure 7 ½” long by 3” high by ¼” thick. Strong foam adhesive ensures they will adhere extremely well to any surface without the risk of falling off or theft. They are removable however, following the guidelines on our “Instructions” page. These have been tested with the adhesive on vehicles and the car emblems stand up perfectly in any weather condition and even the most aggressive car washes.

  • Unique Attractive Easy Stick Bass Car Badges
  • Strong Adhesive to Stick on & Stay on
  • Sturdy Chrome Plated ABS
  • Easy to Remove Follow Instructions
  • 7 ½” long by 3” high by ¼” thick

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