Bagley Small Fry Crayfish Deep Diving (Discontinued Line)

Bagley Small Fry Crayfish Deep Diving (Discontinued Line)

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NOTE:  This entire line was discontinued.  Get these while they last!

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Who doesn't love Bagley Crawfish.  A classic returns and with some amazing new colors!

This perfect crayfish mimic is natural forage for migrating salmon and steelhead, and irresistible to suspended bass and walleye. Built with a deep diving lip and super strong resin body for maximum durability. Crank it down fast, retrieve, pause, and allow it to float up – that drives fish crazy, until they tear into the bait right at the surface.

These are brand new lures made by Bagley Baits in Minnesota.  Return of a Classic!

Small Fry Crayfish Deep Diving

Use light tackle and 6-10 pound line to work this lure down to 6-8 foot depths, where bass will inhale this realistic looking bait.

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3/8oz 6-8′


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