Bagley Balsa B Square Bill B1, B2 (2 Sizes, 14 Colors to Choose from)

Bagley Balsa B Square Bill B1, B2 (2 Sizes, 14 Colors to Choose from)

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The famous Bagley Balsa B returns.  A classic back in action!

The original balsa badass: square lip, super buoyant, unstoppable, built to raid timber and pull shoulder-wrenching bass right out of their root holes. The square-lip design slips through junk, sassing fish to their faces until they explode. Two BassMaster Classics later, it’s still looking for trouble.

These are brand new lures made by Bagley Baits in Minnesota.  Return of a Classic!

Balsa B1
Length Weight Depth Hooks
2” 5/16 oz 0-3′ 2

Perfect for bass feeding on small forage in light to medium cover. Use light line, sensitive to rod and smaller reel to keep from overpowering the lively wiggle, and keep it moving to leverage the balance of the square bill and balsa’s natural bounce in underwater structure.

Balsa B2
Length Weight Depth Hooks
2.5” 7/16 oz 0-3′ 2

Made to mimic the look and motion of medium forage that large bass prey on. Balance tackle to slightly higher test and stiffer rod for stronger tumble through heavier cover. Retrieve and pause to let lure wobble, float, bounce, and wobble again.

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