Rebel Frog-R

Rebel Frog-R

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Work the rod tip in a twitch-twitch-twitch rhythm and the Frog-R walks across the water in a classic Spook walk-the-dog motion, proven to be one of the most effective actions on many species of gamefish.

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Walk-the-dog with this frog and you’ll quickly become a believer in the Frog-R. This realistic topwater bait has the profile and color pattern of a young frog, one of bass’s favorite foods. While the Frog-R catches fish worked slowly, it’s the bait’s ability to sashay back-and-forth when quickly twitched with a downward motion of the rod tip that triggers inactive fish into striking. Perfect for pond bass or anywhere fish want a topwater with a smaller profile.

  • Walk-the-dog action
  • Super-realistic amphibian finish
Model Size Weight Depth Hook
T30 2 3/8 in 5/16 oz Topwater #6