Chautauqua Lil' Piko Plug Nightfish Color Custom Order

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Chautauqua Lil' Piko Plug Nightfish Color Custom Order.  Special custom lure hand made and crafted by The Chautauqua Bait Company.  Not part of their normal line, only special ordered and sent to My Bait Shop.  About 3 1/4" long body.  Beautiful lure that won't last long.  Tank tested with heavy hardware.  Take fishing or proudly display.  Amazing color.  Each of these are a little different as they are truly hand carved and crafted.

I have personally fished this Lil' Piko model with great success in a variety of colors.  Have caught Musky, Pike, Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass, and Walleye on this lure (add in a few perch as well)!  Special order model and color for My Bait Shop.  Comes with box.  This is old stock going back a couple of years.

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