Kwikfish Lures for Sale at My Bait Shop

Great to fish and becoming so collectible.  For the tougher to find models it's almost a "virtual race" between fishermen and collectors on who can find these first.  Tough to find Pre-Rapala and even Pre-Luhr-Jensen.  We try to specialize in tougher models such as the jointed K18J, K12J, K10J, K8J and others such as K8, K9, K15, and K16.  What you see below is what we have in stock right now.  They tend to sell out fast and in bunches as people find them back in stock.

Note:  We just bought a huge lot of vintage Kwikfish (pre Luhr-Jensen and pre Rapala).  We will be loading these lures below over the next couple of weeks.  Stock up while you can.  You will not see another opportunity like this again on lures like these.

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