Bagley Small Fry 1 (8 Colors to Choose from)

Bagley Small Fry 1 SF1 (Discontinued Line)

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NOTE:  This entire line was discontinued.  Get these while they last!

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The return of a classic bait.  The small fry series are perfect replica’s of some the most basic forage that big gamefish feed on. The shapes and color patterns of crawfish, bluegill, bream, and crappie are perfectly duplicated in this series. Offers a fast, wide action on the retrieve.

The flat-sided, rounded-lip Small Fry is designed to deliver. Its ABS resin body is pad-printed with incredible realistic patterns and formed to move exactly like crappie, bluegill or bream. This bait drives big bass and walleye to charge and feed. Big Bagley eyes complete its authentic look. These killers swim to a natural 5-foot depth to conquer any fish hesitation and are light tackle must-haves.

These are brand new lures made by Bagley Baits in Minnesota.  Return of a Classic!

The Small Fry 1 triggers powerful territorial instincts, so expect huge impulse strikes on ultra-light or medium tackle. Tremendous over weeds on 10 pound test.

Please note these are company stock photos.  Some slight factory variations may occur from lure to lure.

Length Weight Depth
2'' 1/4 oz 3-4'