Bagley Knocker B - Topwater bait every fisherman must have

Bagley Knocker B - Topwater (7 Colors to Choose from)

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Bagley Knocker B - Topwater (7 Colors to Choose from) KNB-07 / KNB-09.  A great topwater bait from Bagley!  Note:  All colors come with a haired treble trailing bait even though only certain colors of the photos show it.  It is just the old stock photos showing the colors before the trailer was added.

Bagley introduced the Knocker B in 2015 and it is now a topwater bait that every fisherman must have.  Bagley BASS Elite Series Pro Angler Drew Benton used this bait to win on Lake Travis in Texas in May of 2018.  One long cast with this tremendous top water bait will tell you all you need to know about the name.  When worked on the surface this bait emits a loud knock with each twitch – which is a death rattle for fish in the area.  It casts a mile and is fun to work for all species of freshwater fish.  The Knocker B is available in two sizes (9 and 11) and in six freshwater colors.   Knock ‘em dead.

Knocker B 09

Length Weight Depth Hooks
3-1/2” 1/2 oz Surface 2

This 1/2 oz topwater lure may be the best walking bait ever made. Extremely easy to fish, it sits tail down and with a rhythmic twitching of the rod tip, it walks high in the water, creating a darting surface wake. The thin walls of the lure promote a loud “knocking” sound when twitched – a siren call to lurking fish. One long bullet like cast and you’ll be hooked.

Knocker B 11

Length Weight Depth Hooks
4-1/4” 5/8oz Surface 2

This 4.25 inch, 5/8 oz topwater bait is made to attract big fish. Emanating a loud knocking sound when retrieved, experienced topwater fishermen or those new to calling for big fish, will love the results of this bait. Big bass or roaming pike will not be able to resist the loud sound or darting action of this topwater killer.

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